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Daybreak Toolbars

A Unique Seeding System

There are three major components of the complete Daybreak No-till system. These include the Daybreak Disc Openers for seeding, the Daybreak Air Seeders for seed metering and delivery and finally the Daybreak Toolbar to link these two together. The major feature of the Daybreak Toolbar is its unique double parallelogram lifting system called the Quadlift.

The Quadlift:
  • Is specifically designed to operate with the Daybreak Opener and modern front wheel assist or track tractors.

  • Has front and rear castors to carry the toolbar independent of the tractor angle as there is no linkage toplink used.

  • Allows the toolbar to be merely pulled by the tractor linkage, therefore giving excellent ground following capability as the tractor is not stabilizing the bar.

  • Design allows attachment of a simple A-Frame pull when operated in drawn mode and is simple to swap between linkage and drawn modes.

  • Reduces ground compaction and increases flotation by the use of low ground pressure high flotation and aligning the wheels down the control traffic lines.

The Quadlift has special features including:
  • Row spacings, wheel centers, etc can be changed at any time.

  • Only caps or folding wing pivots are welded to the main beam.

  • Clamps, bridges, spacers, folding mechanisms and wheel frames are bolted together to prevent cracking due to flexing.

  • Inbuilt end tow capability. It is a simple operation to attach an end tow.

  • All wheels can be pinned as well as castor.

The toolbar system has been designed for use in conjunction with modern disc opener planters, especially the Daybreak Disc Opener. Experience has shown that both single and double disc openers all require a controllable toolbar for more successful operation.

Latest improvements:
  • Capped bearings on the main wheel axles.

  • 6Reduced component count on lift assist – Two less moving components per lift assist wheel.

  • Increased interchangeability of components between front, rear and wing wheel assemblies.

  • More advanced hydraulic system – standard hydraulic cylinders replaced phasing cylinders.

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