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Daybreak Airseeders

With the development of high-speed conservation tillage implements, airseeders have needed to increase in delivery capacity.

Over the last decade, Daybreak Equipment has been developing an airseeder system that can deliver large quantities of product accurately and consistently.


The Daybreak twin roller system has many features that differ to peg or cog tooth systems. The most important is positive displacement of grain into the air stream.

The Twin Roller System:
  • The rollers support the grain and as they counter rotate, carry the product under a cut off plate, depositing the product into the air stream.

  • A hat sits inside the bin above the meter to carry the bulk weight of the seed, thus letting a constant weight and flow of grain pass through to the rollers irrespective quantity of product in the bin.

  • To resist corrosion the meter housing and all components including bearings are made of stainless steel or polyurethane.

  • There are two roller styles that each have a different groove pattern to suit the application of a wide range of products.

The hydraulic drive system has been developed to render the meter free of adjustments. A specialised low speed Durolla motor is direct coupled to the meter.

  • The meter has a range of 2-150 revolutions per minute.

  • A state of the art computer controller reads ground speed by accessing tractor radar or by a wheel sensor. It then controls the hydraulic motor speed through a proportional hydraulic control valve. This system provides variable rates as a result of yield mapping. It also provides instant sowing rate changes.

The bins are fabricated from zinc sheeting, with stainless steel bins available for use with liquid fertilisers. The bins are designed with full curve sections wherever possible. This design increases strength and improves filling capability.

Seeder Configurations:

​  Daybreak Equipment Airseeders are manufactured to be operated in three types of mounting positions.

  These include:

  1. Trailing airseeder

  2. Front or side mounted airseeder mounted directly onto the tractor

  3. Implement mounted.

Rear Tow Seeder Bins:​ 
  • Single, Double or Triple Bins up to 12000L.

  • Single Axle or Two Axle Chassis with steerable front wheels.

  • Zinc Sheet with Stainless available

  • Ground Drive or Variable Rate Computer Control

  • Wheel Track to suit Client requirement.

  • Variable product splitting

  • High flotation low compaction tyres.

  • Frame ducted air system.

  • Up to 6 inch individual delivery systems

Front Mounted Bins:
  • Double Bins up to 4000L.

  • Zinc Sheet with Stainless available

  • Ground Drive or Variable Rate Computer Control

  • Capacities to 4000 Litre total

  • Full frontal directional vision from operator seat

  • High Clearance Short Coupled curved bin design

  • Central Walkway and Filling point

  • Frame ducted air system.

  • Rapid remove Quick Attach system

  • Up to 5 inch delivery systems

Implemented Mount Bins:​ 
  • Single, Double or Triple Bins up to 4000L.

  • Zinc Sheet with Stainless available

  • Variable Rate Programmable Computer Controller using Tractor Radar

  • Full proportional hydraulic drive accessing tractor hydraulic power source

  • Up to 6 inch delivery systems

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