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About Daybreak Equipment


Since 1988 Milne Industries has manufactured automotive tray bodies, slashers, front-end loaders, three-point linkage tools, hydraulic folding harrows, soil sampling devices, and small linkage toolbars.


In mid 90's North American manufacturers began importing single disc openers into Eastern Australia. However problems were experienced with the ability of these units to handle Australian conditions, particularly in wet, clay based soils.


By late 1999 these disc openers were almost unavailable creating a market for an Australian manufactured disc opener that was specifically designed to handle the most testing local circumstances. Together with escalating operating costs, land degredation and drought conditions farmers have been attracted to effective alternatives. Capitalising on the past year’s experience with imported zero till farming equipment, Milne Industries began to develop their own Disc Opener under the adopted brand name of Daybreak Equipment.

  • Trials of the first prototype commenced in July 2000. As a result of using sophisticated 3D-design software and the latest CNC equipment  prototypes were produced to be assured that the Daybreak Disc Opener was ready to tackle the zero-till planting market. In July 2001 an enlarged disc opener featuring a 30” (762mm) disc was manufactured to be used in the sugar cane and named the Daybreak Cane Opener.

  • Milne Industries has exported the Daybreak Disc Opener and toolbar systems to South Africa, Zambia, Sudan and the United States. Other markets are currently being developing  in all parts of the world.

  • It can now be said ‘The sun never sets on a Daybreak Disc Opener.’

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