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Duodec Disc Opener

The Perfect Planter

In the 10 years of the Daybreak Disc Openers beneficial developments have been made in Single Disc Opener technology. The Daybreak DUODEC MkII is the collimation of the tireless pursuit of the “Perfect Planter”. These improvements are part of a methodical progression of development.

Key Features Over Previous Models:
  • Improved clearance in the area behind the seed tube. This results in much greater stubble and mud handling as material can flow through without hanging up on the unit.

  • Quadrant and press wheel pivots feature large tapered roller bearings and permanent seals. These pivots DO NOT REQUIRE GREASING.

  • Seed tube mounting strength increased and adjustment method simplified.

  • Seed boot blade in manufactures from disc material, features Tungsten tiles and solid Tungsten hard facing. The DUODEC MkII narrow seedboot (Fert, wheat, canola etc) is designed to greatly increase service life.

  • Fixed blade, Tungsten mud scrapers are fixed in locations that greatly minimise mud build up.

  • Optional: On-the-go, variable hydraulic down pressure with a range from 10 - 500kg. Adoption of this technology is a great addition to zero-till disc openers.

  • Future production model DUODEC MK II's will feature Mechanical Seals in the Main disc hub, gauge and press wheel hubs.

duodecdiscopener (1).jpg
  • In house produced Main Disc. These discs are alloy steel, remain flatter during manufacture, are more rigid and have a smoother surface finish that performs better in sticky conditions.

  • Greater range of press wheel spring pressure.

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