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Daybreak Disc Openers

An Exceptional Zero-Till Opener

The Daybreak Disc Opener truly is agriculture’s premier single disc opener.  This opener can match and surpass any other opener currently in production in any given field condition. 

Daybreak Disc Opener Advantages:
  • Ultra-low soil disturbance because of a large disc at a fine angle

  • Superior penetration as a result of the large disc and mass.

  • The large diameter disc and patented closing system provide excellent seed placement and wet, sticky soil capability.

  • The robust nature of the Daybreak Disc Opener helps it ‘groove’ in firm, heavy soils while also able to handle heavy blankets of rocks and rocky outcrops.

The Daybreak is the only opener that uses the gauge wheel to close the slot. The press wheel takes no major part in returning the soil to the slot. The press wheel’s job is merely to ‘pat down’ the already returned soil and assist in slot closure.

  • The gauge wheel returns the soil to the slot without inversion, resulting in the best possible seed to moist soil contact, without mixing of dry topsoil.

  • A result of this is excellent seed placement without excess down pressure, soil disturbance, moisture loss and smearing common to single disc openers. For this reason the Daybreak Disc Opener is a very fine applicator of Anhydrous Ammonia.


The Daybreak double shooting system allows distinct separation of levels of seed and fertilizer. Seed or fertilizer can accurately be positioned mm’s from the surface at normal operating speeds.

Double Shooting:
  • Seed or fertilizer distributed by the double shoot tube is caught at the required level by the wave of returning soil. This level can be infinitely adjusted by the height and angle of the double shoot tube.

  • Consistent planting is achieved by preventing loose soil from disrupting the seed by a patented rotary shield disc. This disc can also be used to remove loose top soil when deep sowing.

The Daybreak is very easy to adjust. Ease of adjustment and maintenance were key factors incorporated during the design and testing period of the disc opener. A few of the many features resulting from this include:

  • All pivots and axles are tapered roller bearings or oil filled high-impact nylon bushes.

  • Bolts, bearings and seals are standard automotive or agricultural sizes available from local stockists

  • Main down pressure, seeding depth, press wheel down pressure can all be adjusted without tools.

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