Duocone Mechanical Face SealsDuocone Mechanical Face Seals

NEW to Daybreak Equipment AND A FIRST for any Single Disc Opener.

Mechanical Face Seals are being introduced into all major pivots on our machines leading up to the 2011 planting season.

“Mechanical face seals are a special form of mechanical seal that may also be known as “Lifetime Seals”, “Floating Seals” or “Duo Cone seals”. The seal consists of two metallic rings, that are mounted face to face and two elastomeric elements (O-rings) centre and preload the sealing surfaces.

Mechanical face seals are predominately used for sealing bearings under extremely arduous conditions and subject to severe wear. They are used extensively in mining, heavy trucks and heavy duty tracked machines such as bulldozers and excavators.” (Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, April 2009)

  • Simple, reliable design
  • High sealing effect against dirt, dust, water and abrasive media
  • Long service Life
  • Maintenance free

Implementation to the Daybreak Equipment line-up will continue through the latter part of 2010. It will result in the Daybreak DUODEC Disc Opener being completely GREASE NIPPLE FREE and ultimately so to the Daybreak Toolbar and Quadlift. These seals are FAR SUPERIOR TO RUBBER LIP TYPE oil or grease type seals providing greater protection against contamination. ALL existing Daybreak Disc Opener hubs can be re-fitted to accept Mechanical Face Seals.